Spider Crickets: What are they, and how can you deal with them?

Looking like something out of a low-budget sci-fi movie and much more terrifying than any ordinary bed bug, spider crickets have been terrorising homes across the US. If you wanted more information on these creepy beasties, you’ve come to the right place. If you dare, take a peek at this video to see spider crickets in action:

Read more below if you want to know more about them and how to keep them out of your home.

So what are spider crickets?

From the family rhaphidophoridae (we promise you that’s the last time we’ll use a word as unpronounceable as that), they go by many names. Spider crickets are the most common term, but they’re also known as cave crickets, camelback crickets, cave weta, or simply “criders”. But all you really need to know is they’re downright creepy.

One particular species from Asia has found its way over to Europe and North America, and this is the type which is common in many American homes.

Where do they like to live?

Spider crickets seek out dark, damp places during the summer and autumn. This makes basements, family rooms, and sheds the perfect places for them to congregate. A congregate they do! They often gather in large numbers and if they’re frightened they jump. Unfortunately, they often jump towards the things that have scared them, so you could end up with one of these things on your face. The absolute stuff of nightmares.

Do they bite?

Okay, now for some good news. Spider crickets do have mandibles, but they’re designed for chewing, not inflicting a bite in self-defence. However, they have been known to start gnawing on your skin if they jump on you in self-defence. But most people say the gnawing is only mildly uncomfortable, and you can quickly shoo them away anyway.

If the first video wasn’t scary enough, here’s one of a spider cricket jumping!

How can you prevent them from getting into your house?

So now we’ve scared you with the gory details, you must be wondering how you can prevent yourself from encountering one of these criders. The answer to this is to try and seal up openings on the lowest level of your house. It also helps to try and keep your basement dry and well-lit. Investing in a dehumidifier can really help with this.

What if they’re already in your house?

There is a load of creative ways to get rid of bugs in your house. You can lay out sticky traps made from duct tape, placing bowls of water in your basement (spider crickets love water and will fall in and get trapped), or buy yourself a bug vacuum. You can even do more creative things like buying a cat or a chameleon to take care of them.

One of the best things you can do though is to hire a professional exterminator. Although it might be a bit pricier than the other options, they’ll do the job properly and ensure they won’t come back (for a while at least!). They might even give you some top tips on preventing the creepy criders from coming back in future.


So hopefully this post hasn’t creeped you out too much, and has left you better informed about the life of spider crickets, but more importantly how to prevent them getting into your home, and, more importantly, taught you how to get rid of them if they have! If you did find this information useful – let us know via our

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