Removal of Bees, Wasps and Hornets


There are a number of varieties of bees in the British Isles and they all provide a useful service in helping to pollinate our plants, however sometimes they can cause problems to householders and businesses if they decide to build their nests in or around buildings. We always try to rescue and relocate bees wherever possible, but unfortunately are not always able to do so.

Around March time most bee activity is from Mortar or Mining bees and there are a number of different species that may be active in walls, in the ground or under the roof tiles of buildings. Beds and Bucks Pest Control can spray an organic powder to dissuade them from continuing to use a particular site so that they move on.

In April or May we start to see activity from Bumble Bees that frequently will invade the corners of roofs in buildings under the tiles. The nest will become larger and more active during the summer months and can sometimes cause difficulty to householders and businesses. Unfortunately, we cannot rescue a nest in these circumstances and it would have to be destroyed, but if the nest is in a bird box or a cardboard box in the shed or garage then we can remove it safely and relocate. We are eternally dedicated in our efforts towards the removal of Wasps nests and bees nests in Milton Keynes and Newport Pagnell.

Honey Bees are active during the Spring, Summer and Autumn months and can cause significant problems if they establish a nest in your property.Whenhoney bees swarm they are looking to establish a new nesting site which could be your roof, chimney, shed, a hollow tree, or anywhere else they fancy. A swarm that is resting can sometimes be rescued and relocated, but an established nest has to be destroyed and all the honey removed. Eradicating Bees nests in Milton Keynes, Newport Pagnell becomes feasible with our adept strategy.

Wasps and Hornets

New Queen wasps and hornets will emerge from hibernation usually during April and start to build a nest, frequently under roof tiles of a building or in a hole in the wall or ground or exposed in a tree or bush. Wasp nests are a dangerous hazard to people and animals in that the occupying insects will attack anyone or anything that approaches too close. It is important to have a wasp nest professionally dealt with in order to avoid multiple stings. At Beds and Bucks Pest Control we have all the correct equipment and proper protective clothing to enable us to deal with the wasp nests in Milton Keynes and Newport Pagnell.

All our treatments are fully guaranteed to be effective and if you require our services we can usually visit the same day or certainly within 12 hours.

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