Rats, Mice and Squirrels

Rats and Mice Control

Rodents cause considerable damage if allowed to establish themselves in buildings, food stores etc and apart from the obvious health hazard, they can bite through electrical and computer cables increasing the risk of fire in buildings and total disruption to businesses.

Here at Beds and Bucks Pest Control we have considerable experience in dealing with Rats, Mice and Squirrels whether as one off treatments or ongoing servicing contracts. We play the imperative part for Mouse control and Mice control in Milton Keynes, Newport Pagnell.

We have many new and regular customers in Mid and North Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire and frequently assess rodent infestations in business premises and private houses with a view to establishing short term or ongoing solutions to rid our clients of the dangers associated with these. With our extensive strategies, we retain rat control in Milton Keynes and Newport Pagnell.

If allowed to establish themselves, mice and particularly rats will breed very quickly and soon reach plague proportions if nothing is done soon enough to keep the situation under control. Telephone Beds and Bucks Pest Control 01908 760716 as soon as you notice a problem and we can usually visit the same day or certainly within 12 hours.

Specialist Cleaning

Areas contaminated with waste from rodents or pigeons present an obvious health hazard and we are able to clear these areas and apply a powerful disinfectant to combat pathogens associated with this type of waste. Contact us for details 01908 760716.


Grey squirrels cause a particular problem often in private houses when they enter the roof space usually under the tiles or at the soffits. They are particularly active in the early Springtime when they are seeking suitable nesting sites. Squirrels cause considerable damage in houses, gnawing at timbers and biting through electricity cables and plastic water pipes. Beds and Bucks pest control often remove squirrels from roof spaces and block any gaps where they have gained entry. If you suspect the presence of a squirrel in your loft it needs to be dealt with quickly before it starts to build a nest.

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